Sihedron Heroes

“Sihedron Heroes” a loose term for several overlapping groups of heroes who were involved in vanquishing the evils that have threatened Varisia over the last ten years, and in some cases longer.

Rune Wardens

The Rune Wardens are a band of adventurers who joined forces ten years ago to protect the town of Sandpoint from goblins. One thing led to another and they ended up vanquishing the Runelord Karzoug to save all of Varisia. They have drifted apart a bit over the decade, but remain renowned figures in the region. The five core members of the Rune Wardens include:

  • Amelia Orisini: A half-elf bard, she is the daughter of Lord Vencarlo Orisini and Lady Ashla Blacktree of Korvosa. She has made a name for herself with a series of songs and epic puppet theater pieces about the Rune Wardens’ adventures. She is know to travel with her girlfriend Daelyn Farima aboard their ship the Misericorde.
  • Astrid Sylvari, Princess of Isandria: A half-elf fighter from a small town that was destroyed by giants, she discovered she was the illegitimate daughter of an elven king. She has returned to her father’s realm to help integrate humans and half-elves into the formerly isolationist elven realm.
  • Ser Lea Kroft-Nox, Queen-Consort of Minkai: A human paladin of Iomedae, she is the fourth child of King Aquilos and Queen Cressida of Korvosa. She is the consort to the Empress of Minkai, Ameiko Kaijitsu, but makes frequent visits to Varisia aboard her airship the Jade Falcon.
  • Marcus Fengwathil: A half-elf warrior wizard, he is the only son of two famed adventurers, Telus “Flint” Endrin and Clairian Arrowsong. Marcus and his longtime paramour Shayliss Vinder have put together a magical weapon and armor forging business with clients across Varisia. His work can be easily recognized by its distinctive raven mark.
  • Zavian Desanti: An aasimar cleric of Sarenrae, he has become a patron of a multi-faith order of do-gooders with his partner, fellow aasimar Nualia Tobyn, and their various followers and allies. He is known to travel across Varisia and to planes beyond and supports various institutions such as the Monastery of the Scarlet Sun.

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Sihedron Heroes

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