Vic'tanya "Vicky" Amprei

A young wizard with a dangerous brand of magic, with roots deep in Thassilon and modern Varisia


A lithe, mid-twenties woman with raven-black hair and oceanic eyes, Vic’tanya is often seen adorned in royal purple with silver trimming. Among her notable effects is a burnished gold amulet with an amethyst stone as its sole jewel, the Rune of Lust etched on its back. She bears a quiver of wands and a ornate spellbook at her hips, and a small haversack on her back.


Sole daughter of Lady Gia Amprei (inhabiting a clone body of the Runelord Sorshen) and Wulfrik Mikkelson ,Vic’tanya was a courtier in the Korvosan Court under the name of Victoria Thassil, before sojourning to the Land of Linnorm Kings and Irrisen. She endured trials and tribulation in the Land of Endless Winter before returning to Varisia.

Vic’tanya began her journey with the party six months ago in Roderic’s Cove, bound by circumstance and destiny to thwart the Return of the Runelords. In that time, she has blossomed from an alchemist drifting from town to town under an alias to a formidable mage with abilities thought too dangerous or unnatural in traditional schools.

Her journeys with the party have had their highs and lows; from fraying trusts and disagreements to steps toward familial bonding. What’s clear to her is that these people are bounded to her by fate to prevent a terrible catastrophe in the near future, and actions they do take have already echoed through time itself.

To those ends, they’ve successfully broken two cults, prevented two dead Runelords from returning, and slew one Runelord with the spark of divinity. These actions have not gone unnoticed, as she’s had old enemies and new pursue her now that she’s reemerged in the adventuring life.

While they’ve earned a respite after their victory over the Runelord of Pride, the daughter of Sorshen works tirelessly to uncover the secrets of Thassilon, as the party now prepares to find a means of entering Crystilan, the City Outside of Time, and hopefully find some clues on the whereabouts of her dear friend who’d gone missing with the other Sihedron Heroes.

All the while, cold whispers and enchanting words guide her hands as she reaches for new heights of arcane power…

Vic'tanya "Vicky" Amprei

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