Vic'tanya "Vicky" Amprei

A wizard with a penchant for Ice Spells with considerable knowledge of Thassilon


A lithe, mid-twenties woman with raven-black hair and oceanic eyes, with a penchant for attire adorned with purple. Wears a non-magical amethyst and gold amulet with the Rune of Lust etched on the back. Often seen with a small book and a satchel filled with alchemical components. She also has a holstered wand that has seen better days.


Victoria came to Roderic’s Cove six months ago and was staying with Lucy. She carries herself with a quiet confidence, and was a welcome sight at the Circle Market, especially to those who sought mundane alchemical tinctures and salves for what ailed them. There she met her future allies as fate bound them together as Varisia’s latest band of adventurers to help turn the tide against a coming crisis.

Together with the Black Lions/Cats, she’s fought cultists, explored long forgotten ruins, and have uncovered a hidden truth: the Runelords have returned. Tensions are high between her, Lucia and Udrexa at the moment as trust begins to fray in Magnimar.

Recently, she has shed her alias, Victoria Thassil, and is now operating openly by her true name: Vic’tanya of House Amprei, daughter of the Runelord Sorshen. In her quest to defeat the other returning Runelords, she has accepted a field commission into the Pathfinder society. Just prior to this, she obtained the secrets to ioun stone implantation from Sorshen and has a clear spindel ioun stone implanted in her right hand, the first of many to come.

Together with the Black Lions/Cats, she undertook the Viridian Transcendence Ritual and arrived at the Grand Temple of the Peacock Spirit. There, they race to deactivate defensive wards and have delved into the depths of the Cathedral in hopes of catching Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride, before he can regain his full strength…

Vic'tanya "Vicky" Amprei

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