A renowned sculptor prone to mysterious visions


A renowned sculptor based in Magnimar’s Underbridge District, Ayavah is a tiefling woman prone to strange visions. She assisted the Sihedron Council in the search for the shards of the Sihedron five years ago. Ayavah approached the Council again with a vision of an event in the future featuring the adventurers standing with Runelord Sorshen before a vast portal.

Ayavah revealed to Lucia that she is also secretly a member of the Cult of the Redeemer Queen, a heretical sect of Nocticula worshipers who believe the demon lord is in the process of rising to become a non-evil goddess of artists, outcasts, and midnight. Ayavah believes her visions come from Nocticula, who wants the party to work with Sorshen.

Ayavah is planning to leave Magnimar to journey with other cult members for a gathering in northwest Varisia.


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