Return of the Runelords

The Invisible Spider

The City Outside of Time, Part 2

Rita calls in a favor from Captain Sursha Antefalle, telling her to collect six finely crafted swords during her travels. This will repay the quasit for helping to hide Sursha’s tryst with her navigator, the former Captain Shira Harbuck several weeks ago.

Lucia delivers Vicky’s letters to Lady Sheila Heidmarch and learns more about Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras’ mysterious death. He fell from the upper balcony of his manor, Defiant’s Garden. His soul is not returning to his body despite attempts to raise him, which is strange. Sabriyya Kalmeralm is bringing in a third-party investigator to look into the case.

Lucia then goes to the creepy half-orc Ermunid to get her latest demonic implant — a tongue from a horned demon.

Gwen travels through Magnimar’s entertainment district, commanding plants to grow on the building facades. She is challenged by a private security guard, Gauward Rowe, but she convinces him that it will make the city a better place to live. She persuades him to help her greenify the area.

Meanwhile, Udrexa revives her grudge against the Forever Man, the mysterious individual rumored to control the Night Scales and other aspects of Magnimarian Society from a hiding place in the sewers. She goes to the Friendly Merchant Inn and Tavern to talk to the sketchy elven proprietor, Siov Cassimel. He warns her that it is dangerous to be asking questions about the Forever Man. The last person to look into him was he Lord-Mayor, so she might like to pick up where he left off.

Emeq leaves the Love Stool at the hotel and heads home to meet with his family. He is questioned by the halfling journalist Sanzir and learns that his father is under house arrest as a suspect in the death of the Lord-Mayor. Emeq catches up with his mother Arli first to get a general update on the family’s situation — in addition to the charges against his father, his brother Zalel is engaged.

Emeq then meets his father Melut and the family attorney, Fitzgerald Fiddledust of the gnomish law firm Fiddledust, Fickleshield, and Fluketwist. After determining that his father had no plans to kill the Lord-Mayor, just bribe him, Emeq convinces his father to lie low while he investigates the situation. They suspect that the Forever Man could have had a hand in both the murder of the Lord-Mayor and placing the blame on the Moghadam family.

Emeq also meets his brother’s fiancé, Faridah Muthiqin of the City of Brass, a beautiful ifrit woman. He learns that his brother is less than enthusiastic about the arranged marriage, however. Emeq asks Zalel to quietly look into the Forever Man as well, but be careful.

Lucia teleports to Roderic’s Cove to visit her mom Ilina. She learns that a lumber concern owned by Wilbon Thotal is trying to seize the property, relaying on a 20-year-old claim to the area. After trying to spook the lumber merchants, she has Rita steal their documents. Then she returns to Magnimar to ask Sondra to check them for forgeries. Sondra verifies that the documents are correct, but have a series of technical errors. With Sondra’s help, Lucia is able to retain her house and outmaneuver Wilbon.

After that, Lucia tries to teleport herself and her mom to the Twilight Academy to visit her cousin Sado. But she misses the mark, landing them a dozen miles away. She has to fly them the rest of the way on the back of giant eagles. They arrive outside the school grounds, on the outskirts of the town of Galduria.


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