Return of the Runelords

The End of Forever

The City Outside of Time, Part 8

Udrexa and Lucia Craft question Captain Dorn ‘Bolt’ Bolton about Vivi’s abduction. He explains how she was kidnapped from the bathroom at the Cracked Goblet tavern where she had been getting an after hours drink with him.

The duo investigate the tavern and notice a woman watching them from across the street. Udrexa catches her and they question the spy. She says that the Night Scales tied and gagged Vivi before putting her on a cart headed towards Lost Lane in Beacon’s Point, site of the Night Scales headquarters.

The adventurers recall that one of the “gray areas” missing from Staunton Vhane’s sewer maps was located near Lost Lane. They decide to investigate that first, suspecting that Vivi was taken down below.

An attempt at a stealthy entry to the hidden sewer complex is thwarted when Udrexa has trouble getting through the complicated lock. So the monk, the witch, and her familiar resort to just fighting their way through two dozen masked cultists.

In a grand chamber with a central pool of blood, they face down the majority of the hidden cult. Udrexa survives a quivering palm attack from an enemy monk, known as the Left Hand. The tiefling also barely avoids deadly magics being launched at her by a strange man with a glowing eye and an invisible wizard. Rita tears through the lesser minions, while Lucia tries to debuff the cultists and escapes from black tentacles.

Ultimately, Udrexa dodges a deadly attack from the man with the glowing eye and strikes him down. He is revealed to be the Forever Man himself!

As the battle comes to a close, Vivi arrives, having managed to free herself during the chaos. The spy in the cult, Risa Cassimel, also reveals herself, having waited things out in hiding. Risa confirms that the Forever Man was Staunton Vhane, the architect of Magnimar’s sewers.

Over a hundred years ago, he had stolen several doses of the rare life-extending sun orchid elixir and used them to unnaturally prolong his life. He kept this a secret from the rest of the cult, creating the myth of the “Forever Man.” But the elixirs’ effects have run out and he has grown frantic in trying to find some way to get more, which is what ultimately tipped off Risa.

His increasingly desperate activities drew the attention of the Lord-Mayor, so the Forever Man had the mayor killed to end his investigation. Staunton Vhane kidnapped Vivi because he was hoping to sell the construct woman to an artificer and raise funds to simply buy one of the priceless elixirs.

Udrexa deduces that Risa opposed the Forever Man because he was leading the hidden cult of Norgorber astray with his personal agenda. She communicates this to Lucia, who has Rita use flesh to stone to petrify the half-elf woman for further interrogation.

As they set about searching the cult headquarters, Udrexa and Lucia muse about what to do if they find the Abyssal artifact holding the Lord-Mayor’s soul.


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