Return of the Runelords


The City Outside of Time, Part 7

Udrexa and Lucia Craft steal Sheila Heidmarch’s invite to the exclusive Osprey Club. Disguising themselves as Lady Heidmarch and the Red Mantis Assassin Amronhe Dommor respectively, they infiltrate the masquerade at the club to seek out the man in the black cat mask. Rita disguises herself as a staff member once they are inside.

While there, they discover that their old rivals Hira Doss, Aliciette Cardoso and Damil Russo are there wearing peacock masks. The ex-Peacock Spirit Cultists are also there to see the man in the black cat mask, who they call the High Talon. They are looking to join a new organization that can protect them and offer Hira a path to regain her cleric magic, but they are a little worried. Udrexa learns that they have arranged a rendezvous with the hidden cult, and she plants tokens on them that can be used to help track them.

Lucia meets with the High Talon in the club’s casino. Over a game of Golem, she poses as Amronhe reporting that the “statue” and the “strays” are proving more troublesome to remove and she will need extra help. She also says that she gave the investigators a decoy of herself to throw them off for the time being. The High Talon arranges for reinforcements to be available at Lost Lane at midnight and he gives her a special black and gold chip to cash in for her increased fee. Lucia also learns that the derghodaemon they fought was provided by the hidden cult.

Meanwhile, Audrahni deduces that the dominated dhampir Jane has been afflicted with the feeblemind spell after their fight with the derghodaemon. The next morning, Audrahni casts heal to cure Jane while Lucia neutralizes the poison afflicting the elf.

Their breakfast is interrupted by a wounded Captain Bolt, who tells them that Vivi has been abducted by the Night Scales.


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