Return of the Runelords

Give these Monstrous Humanoids a Furever Home

The City Outside of Time, Part 1

Toilday, 30 Pharast, 4744

The Black Cats take the rest of the afternoon off, resting in the magnificent mansion. Vicky writes up her notes for the Pathfinder society. Ghera feels strong enough in her powers to go to sleep without the keep watch spell.

Wealday, 31 Pharast, 4744

The following day, the adventurers re-convene with the ex-Peacock Spirit Cultists, who reveal that the Mother of Oblivion in the lake no longer recognizes them as allies now that their “god” is dead. As a result, it is too dangerous to leave the temple via the causeway.

At Udrexa’s insistence, the party seeks out the lake monster. It shrugs off Gwen and Vicky’s spells, but Udrexa beats it to death with her fists.

The Black Cats then seek out the monstrous humanoids they defeated earlier. The medusas, wereboars, and hobgoblins are all at the Cloister of Cerulean Languor, in some kind of stand off. The adventurers offer to teleport them out of the valley as well.

Udrexa persuades the Karrigan Patch and the wereboars to come with her to the Monastery of the Scarlet Sun in Magnimar. Vicky convinces the medusas to go to Korvosa and seek employment at the Winking Medusa tavern. The hobgoblins just want Lucia to drop them off with a contact of theirs in Kaer Maga, a half-orc named Olzihm Kith.

Lucia teleports the hobgoblins to Olzihm’s location in a seedy tavern called the Greedy Hunter. She learns that Olzihm is also a witch, and agrees to trade him a high level spell in exchange for information on where she can find more powerful witches to learn from.

Olzihm tells her about Old Megus, a witch who lives outside of Sandpoint. He’s also heard about a coven of witches who consort with hags in the Mushfens. And he has heard that there are a group of witches at the Twilight Academy in Galduria, which interests Lucia because her cousin Sado is studying there.

Olzihm is impressed by the little halfling woman. The two flirt and get to know each other better while Rita teaches his cat familiar Thistle a spell, a process that takes seven hours.

Meanwhile, Ghera teleports Udrexa and the wereboars to the Dockway district of Magnimar. She’s still unused to the process and comes through a little nauseous. Udrexa brings them to the monastery, where she finds Headmistress Belawara tending to the fire garden. The contract devil welcomes the wereboars to the monastery and has another monk, Opal, arrange for their lodging.

Udrexa also introduces Ghera as her girlfriend and Belawara welcomes her as well with good cheer. She does privately ask Udrexa about long term plans with Ghera, as she worries the tiefling could get her heart broken by the sailor. But Udrexa is convinced she and Ghera are a match.

After hearing of Udrexa’s exploits, including developing her tail technique, Belawara challenges her to a sparring match. Udrexa starts the fight with an aggressive flying kick attack, but Belawara stands her ground and starts pressing Udrexa backwards until finally knocking her out of the ring with a blow from her own tail. Belawara is impressed with Udrexa’s progress, while the tiefling recognizes she has much left to learn. The match draws the attention of several other monks, including Naari and Opal.

Vicky teleports the medusas to the alley behind the Winking Medusa. After disguising their head snakes, she takes them inside. Having already tipped off the proprietor Shaula, she introduces the sisterhood to their fellow medusa. Shaula promises to find positions for them at her establishment or with some of her other contacts.

Vicky suggests that the medusas could also try to join Ecclesia’s Order of knights and asks if Shaula could arrange a meeting. She says that the last time she saw one of the lamia knights, Malakah, was several months ago and the lamia was asking for information about Lea’s whereabouts. Vicky makes a mental note to follow up on that.

Rather than hang around, Vicky bids her farewells and returns to the temple to meet up with the others. She recalls that Ghera’s teleportation magic is more limited and that she won’t be able to make the return trip until the next day. And Lucia is nowhere to be found.

Vicky spends the rest of the day ferrying the ex-Peacock Spirit Cultists around Varisia. Afterwards, Vicky recreates the magnificent mansion with a more dour décor. She retreats to her room to sulk.

When Lucia returns hours later, a little drunk from her time at the tavern with Olzihm, she is met by Elle. The simulacrum warns her of Vicky’s foul mood. Since Vicky didn’t bother to create a room for Lucia, Elle lends the halfling her own room.

Oathday, 1 Pharast, 4744

The party reunites that morning to decide their next moves. Udrexa and Lucia have business in Magnimar, as well as sales to make, while Vicky intends to go to Korvosa for her own errands. She also intends to help research a way for the Shadow Librarian, Sule, to leave the temple safely.

Each with their own tasks, the party splits up.


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