Return of the Runelords

Bug Hunt

The City Outside of Time, Part 6

Lucia researches the sewers of Magnimar at the Founders’ Archives and identifies three locations that are missing from the city records. One is in Beacon’s Point near the Night Scales headquarters, one is in the Alabaster District near the Osprey Club, and one is in the Keystone District.

Udrexa talks with Siov Cassimel about his daughter Risa, who has gotten deep in the Norgerbor cult but who has doubts about the Forever Man. Udrexa arranges to contact Risa the next day.

Udrexa and Lucia meet up with Vivi at a fancy restaurant in the Naos District called the Wandering Squirrel. Lucia and Rita realize that a waitress there is suspicious and when they confront her it becomes clear she is a Red Mantis Assassin.

Udrexa beats her unconscious, but their victory is interrupted by a giant, insectile derghodaemon sent to kill them. It savages Udrexa before being destroyed. The creature’s chittering cries also do something to the dominated dhampir Jane, leaving her empty-headed and drooling. Lucia examines the creature’s body after the battle and concludes that someone sent it after them.

Under questioning, the Red Mantis Assassin Amronhe Dommor admits that she was the one who killed the Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras and that she was contracted to kill anyone who got too close to solving the mystery. She poisoned the drinks that were served at the Wandering Squirrel, leaving Audrahni afflicted with a slow-acting poison that mimics the appearance of a wasting disease.

Amronhe reveals that her contact was a man wearing a black cat mask at the exclusive Osprey Club. She got a one-time invite, and was planning on impersonating a club member in order to return. Vivi insists that the assassin be turned over to the City Watch for prosecution of the Lord-Mayor’s murder. Amronhe says that she has carried out her service to the Mantis God and is unafraid of execution.

Meanwhile, Vicky releases the Shadow Librarian Sule from the confines of Xanderghul’s refuge and treats her to her first meal.


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