Rising Runelords!

When one Runelord rose from his slumber, the frontier nation of Varisia shook with his power, and it took a band of heroes to save the world. Yet there remained six other Runelords, and now they are awakening!

When a mysterious and fearful ghost manifests on the streets of Roderic’s Cove at the same time the town’s gangs use the runes and legacies of ancient Thassilonian tyrants for their own ends, a new band of heroes must rise to save Varisia, and perhaps the world, from the return of the Runelords!


Campaign Chronicle

Here you can follow the latest adventures of Varisia’s newest heroes! This campaign takes places approximately 10 years after the conclusion of our Rise of the Runelords campaign.

Chapter One: Secrets of Roderic’s Cove

Chapter Two: It Came from Hollow Mountain

Chapter Three: Runeplague

Chapter Four: Temple of the Peacock Spirit

Chapter Five: The City Outside of Time

Return of the Runelords

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